Holiday Countdown 2020!

Tips on how to survive/enjoy the holidays during the insanity of 2020

It’s been a strange, difficult year for most of us. If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling the pressure to make the holidays bright and cheery for yourself and everyone else. There’s this festive urgency to deck the halls, shop ‘til your fingers drop, and create a holiday so distantly warm and cozy that nobody will remember we’re in the middle of a pandemic. 

But we are in the middle of a pandemic. Things are different. We aren’t going to the movies, gathering together with our family and friends, or kissing strangers under the mistletoe. Instead, we’re giving air high fives and hanging out at home. It’s lonely, unusual, and a little bit of a letdown… especially if you’re comparing our real lives to a Hallmark Christmas movie.

If you’ve read my novel Fine, you know I’m a big proponent of genuinely facing the hard parts of life…but not letting them steal our joy and hope. That’s why, even though things are different, I believe we can still find the joy and wonder of the season. In fact, I think there are beautiful gifts to discover this year that aren’t available during normal holidays. In slowing down and going without the usual hustle and bustle, I have a feeling we’ll all be surprised at what unravels for us. 

In order to help embrace the holiday spirit in a new way, I am going to start posting ideas for how to survive/enjoy the holidays on my social media pages. I’m going to offer little tips and ideas to make you feel comforted and even joyful throughout the month of December. Every day will be something different. Think of it as a countdown of surprises, but instead of opening up chocolate or socks, you get a dose of random inspiration that will take you all the way into 2021. 

All you need to do is follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll post something every single day, starting TOMORROW. I hope you enjoy it.

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